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Did you know the value of your jewellery increases significantly each year?  The value of gold has risen by a staggering 527% in the last ten years which means simply to replace a lost or stolen item of jewellery will cost significantly more as each year passes.

"67% of jewellery owners are under insured" - Hiscox 2012

A diamond engagement ring bought for £500 8 years ago would now cost well over £2,000 to replace.  Without an up to date valuation you would  have to pay the extra £1,500 to purchase an equivalent ring.

Jewellery owners often have insufficient cover for their jewellery on their home insurance policy.  Claims for jewellery are worked out by the stated amount on your last jeweller-certified valuation plus the yearly index linked amount. 

"The value of gold rose 47% in the last year alone meaning any jewellery valuation not updated every 12 months could potentially cost you thousands of pounds extra to replace your valuables"

To keep you up to date, why not pop into Hamlington's for a convenient valuation.  To book an appointment or for further information please contact us on: 01926 495020, email us: phil@hamlingtons.co.uk or just visit us in the shop.

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