Friends of Hamlington’s

Whilst you have been browsing our website, which we hope you have found both interesting and informative, you will have noticed several other local businesses that we work closely with. 

"We highly recommend our friends to you and would like to share a bit of information on all of them so you too can benefit from their expertise"

When we moved to Warwick in 2010 we made a point of teaming up with local businesses that we felt had the same working ethos that we did - to deliver first class customer care with an outstanding product. 

We invite you to take a look at some of our friends....


The Scent Company

The Scent Company provide luxury handmade scented candles and diffusers. We have been using candles from the Scent Company for the last few years and the owner Lucy has created us our own scent that our customers love. All their candles are made from 100% soy wax and contain a pure cotton wick.


Fiori Flowers

The finest flowers in Warwick, designed with passion.


Squire and Squire Photography

All of our jewellery is photographed by Chris and he is equally exceptional with people and places!

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Hatton and Harding

One of Warwick’s must see shops, luxury lifestyle begins at home

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IO Studios

Builders of our website and just simply brilliant. Why use anyone else?

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